Sunday, September 15, 2013

Being Good Neighbors and Homeowners -Condo and Townhouse Living

We live in a Townhouse Community and as all other Association we not only have rules to follow but rules of our own as well. After past issues with leaks of our own as well as from our neighbors we found out QUICKLY what we need to do to ensure that we prevent further damage to our unit. We also found out QUICKLY that the things we needed to do also made us good neighbors and therefore made for a better community to live in as well.
Preventative Measures to take for Potential Problems:

Condo Insurance is a must (and affordable!) Even though our association has condo insurance that is included in our maintenance fees for the common elements (common land, beams, foundation, stairwells, roofs, parking, elevators, main power and plumbing, ducts and whatever else as determined by the declaration) it does not include the inside of the unit!

As a townhouse/condo owner we have an obligation to repair and fix our problems immediately. A Townhouse/Condo Association requires us to follow steps to insure that during a plumbing/electrical/safety hazard problem we protect ourselves and our neighbors from further damage and safety issues.

We Contact our Resident Manager (Association) and our Association Management Co. if there are any leaks or hazardous issues. Notifying them of any damage to structure or potential hazards/damages that may affect neighbors is a very important “to do”. We want to be responsible homeowners and let everyone know as we do not want to face any repercussions either.

We call the appropriate licensed contractor/plumber/electrician etc. and get the work started on to remedy the problem. We could possibly cause more damage to our unit (as well as neighboring) if we sit on the problem. Being responsible homeowners for potential dangers and hazards to other members of the community means we nip the problem in the bud.

We take preventative measures as responsible homeowners….

WE are the ones who make our community a better place to live.

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