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Being Good Neighbors and Homeowners -Condo and Townhouse Living

We live in a Townhouse Community and as all other Association we not only have rules to follow but rules of our own as well. After past issues with leaks of our own as well as from our neighbors we found out QUICKLY what we need to do to ensure that we prevent further damage to our unit. We also found out QUICKLY that the things we needed to do also made us good neighbors and therefore made for a better community to live in as well.
Preventative Measures to take for Potential Problems:

Condo Insurance is a must (and affordable!) Even though our association has condo insurance that is included in our maintenance fees for the common elements (common land, beams, foundation, stairwells, roofs, parking, elevators, main power and plumbing, ducts and whatever else as determined by the declaration) it does not include the inside of the unit!

As a townhouse/condo owner we have an obligation to repair and fix our problems immediately. A Townhouse/Condo Association requires us to follow steps to insure that during a plumbing/electrical/safety hazard problem we protect ourselves and our neighbors from further damage and safety issues.

We Contact our Resident Manager (Association) and our Association Management Co. if there are any leaks or hazardous issues. Notifying them of any damage to structure or potential hazards/damages that may affect neighbors is a very important “to do”. We want to be responsible homeowners and let everyone know as we do not want to face any repercussions either.

We call the appropriate licensed contractor/plumber/electrician etc. and get the work started on to remedy the problem. We could possibly cause more damage to our unit (as well as neighboring) if we sit on the problem. Being responsible homeowners for potential dangers and hazards to other members of the community means we nip the problem in the bud.

We take preventative measures as responsible homeowners….

WE are the ones who make our community a better place to live.

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Hawaii Military & the VA Loan

Honolulu County IS of the whole island of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands. With 50+ Hawaii Military Bases and Installations on our island alone, you can guaranty that the VA Guaranteed Loan is the way to go for the Hawaii Military Veteran purchasing their piece of Hawaii and paradise with a place they can call home.

(picture to left is the model of the USS Arizona Memorial depicting the ship under water and the memorial above at Pearl Harbor Hawaii)
Remember, VA Guarantees a percentage of the loan and you still have to go through a Lender that actually does do VA Loans and it is for your OWN PERSONAL USE. (not all banks, credit unions and loan companies do VA Loans). The Veterans Administration Guaranteed Loan is one of just a couple of loan programs that allow the Veteran to finance the funding fee as well as come in with no down payment. (100% financing)
In my experience, the Hawaii Based Military personnel have purchased homes or condos totalling 1/3 of my total sales with their VA loan benefits. I have learned the process very well and you may as well consider me a Seasoned Real Estate Agent for VA Transations and the Hawaii Military Relocation.
I take pride in my relationships with the Military Stationed in Hawaii and pay particular attention to their needs when they Relocate to Hawaii. Military Transfers & Relocations to Hawaii: A Geographical Shock tells my story and travels as a Military Dependent but also that the Hawaii Military Veteran makes up 10% of our population on Oahu & the Active Duty Military Personnel make up about 3.5 % of our population on Oahu.

The following guidelines will help you in preparing for your Hawaii Relocation (or even if you already live here and are purchasing a home) and learning about the transaction process using your VA Guaranteed Loan:
  1. Your Realtor® needs to know what price range you qualify for in order to search through the MLS system for properties in your criteria that you provide (i.e. #bedrooms, baths, etc). If you do not know a LOCAL lender Your Realtor® can refer you to a couple who are well qualified and know the State Laws In Hawaii. Local lenders also will be walking along side you step by step as well as being face to face at time of signing loan docs.
  2. When the Loan Officer lets both you and Your Realtor® know what price range you are qualified for the Oahu and Surrounding Neighborhood Search: Relocations Hawaii gives you information on how Your Realtor® will set you up with a detailed web page according to your criteria for property listings.
  3. Get your financial documents together (and make sure you don't let the movers pack them!) such as LES's for a whole month prior (you can also get this on MyPay online so not to worry), last two years of W-2's, last two months bank statements, any documents relating to your VA disability (if you are a disabled vet) and whatever the Loan Officer tells you that you will need.
  4. Your VA Certificate of Eligibility will be ordered by the Loan Officer online once you go through the loan application process and it saves you the trip to Tripler Army Medical Center -VA Office- so, not to worry. VA guarantees approximately 25% of your loan to the lender.
  5. Your Credit (FICO) Score and Income make a difference if you are to be qualified for a VA Loan. Remember, just because you have VA Benefits does not mean you don't have to have decent or some credit. There is a criteria that the Lenders follow according to VA guidelines. (i.e. if you have NO credit you cannot obtain a loan. Get a gas card and credit card to establish credit. You DO have to show a history of payments). Your debt to loan ratio is also taken into consideration and part of the criteria.
  6. This Realtor® makes showing appointments according to the criteria you have specified. You will know which home to put an offer in on and it'll be when you walk in a home and you say, "This feels like the right home for me!"
  7. Then the contract is drawn up and this Realtor® explains each contingency throughout the contract while signing. The offer is submitted to the Seller's Agent and when it is accepted by the seller the Transaction and Loan Process begins!
  8. This Realtor® sends the accepted contract to the Loan Officer and Opens Escrow. All documents and you initial deposit check will be submitted to escrow during the transaction and you will make an appointment immediately to submit all documentation and go through the VA application/signing with the loan officer. From there the loan officer orders the appraisal.
  9. This Realtor® will set a time & date coinciding with your schedule to do your home inspection and will also give you a list of professional home inspectors to choose from. The home inspection will show you if there is anything to be repaired or remedied,
  10. The Condominium and/or Subdivision Association Documents should be ordered immediately after acceptance of the offer and in the buyer's hands within 10-14 days after acceptance. This agent will make copies of the Budget, last three Association minutes and the Property Information form (RR105C) and submit it to the lender. They need this for the VA Loan Guidelines and process for your loan. (these documents will show how the Association budgets their money in reserve. % of owner occupants, any pending concerns or litigation going on and so forth.
  11. Provided your loan process goes smoothly you should have a Conditional Loan Commitment Letter within the first three weeks in contract. This is an approval of your loan with Conditions. Maybe you need to submit a couple of more documents or the appraisal is not in yet or the survey and termite inspection are not done yet. These are the types of conditions that will be listed on this letter.
  12. Within two weeks after the Conditional Loan Commitment letter is issued all the conditions should be complete for signing documents with escrow and the loan officer. Not to worry! I attend all signings with you. Approximately two to three days after signing the lender will wire all monies to escrow (funding) and when escrow receives all monies they will take the documents to the Bureau of Conveyances to record. One day later the Bureau gives clearance of recording and in turn escrow notifies all parties, and....
At this time, I call you and say, Congratulations! You now own your home!
How Can I Obtain More Information About VA Home Loans?

Call VA at 1-800-827-1000 or contact a local lender or real estate professional. Pamphlets available from VA include: 26-4 VA Guaranteed Loans for Veterans

Honolulu County Hawaii Military Bases & Installations- Oahu Neighborhoods
LIVE on VIDEO: A Hawaii Military Relocation Story Comes to Life
*Across the Ocean to Paradise: Military Relocations Hawaii*
The Art of Hawaii Relocations
The Cost of Living Factor in Considering A Hawaii Relocation
Oahu and Surrounding Neighborhood Search: Relocations Hawaii
Aiea, Pearl City Neighborhoods- Hawaii Military Relocation

It's not easy moving across the Pacific Ocean and purchasing your Hawaii Home;

let alone to a totally different "world" of people.
But you can do it with a little effort, motivation and a great Realtor®!
If you're Relocating to Hawaii (regardless if it's near future or just wanting to be proactive for the future) contact me to get started with your search for Hawaii Homes for Sale.

Celeste "Sally" Cheeseman, RA, e-PRO / Century 21 Liberty Homes, Mililani, Hawaii

© Celeste "Sally" Cheeseman, All rights reserved.

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Hawaii VA Home Loan Transaction Specialists....The Scoop

Back in the day, there were Realtors® and Loan Officers that did not want to deal with VA Loans. Why? Because they're strict with their guidelines and criteria. When overpricing and overbidding were running rampant in all cities, VA remained the ever conservative loan for the Veteran of the Armed Forces.
I say Woohoo! Yeah! Great! It is with this criteria that has kept the VA Guaranteed Loan going and the only 100% financing loan in Hawaii that remains a good loan for the military and vet of the US Armed Forces. Remember, the VA Guaranteed Loan means that VA guarantees the lender a portion of your loan; they do not fund the loan.

Now a days you'll have everyone trying to solicit your business with advertising that they are the "VA Expert" or like me I say, "VA Home Loan Transaction Specialist". There are many pertinent parts to a VA Home Loan and Purchasing a Property in Hawaii so be sure your Realtor® and Loan Officer know their stuff!
  • The Realtor® HAS to know the VA Transaction Process. Right now, they are so back logged with appraisal reports and so forth (because it is the one loan that is running rampant here due to our high volume of military presence) so we structure our contracts to accommodate the timeline. This agent keeps on top of all involved in the process.
  • The Realtor® HAS to know which lenders and loan officers KNOW their VA Loans. Chances are the incoming member does not know a good loan officer and it is up to us to refer them to one that KNOWS THEIR VA LOAN. Just because someone has signs all over the place displaying their expertise in the field, does not mean it is so. The seasoned Realtor® has worked alongside experts in the field and will refer you to a couple who know their stuff.
  • The Loan Officer HAS to be punctual and keep on top of the lender to get all parts of the transaction together. Ordering the appraisal quickly so they can get notice of a VA appraiser being assigned to the case is a start. For incoming personnel there are loads of other documents to retrieve as they are just arriving and their Honolulu County BAH will not automatically be in their LES (pay statement).
  • The Escrow Officer has to know the process as well in case other parties need something from the other. We do not communicate with the buyer if representing the seller and do not sign documents all together. It's a conflict of interest and everything should be complete before signing anyway.
  • The VA Buyer has to be realistic in their part of the process. If you are serious about buying your Hawaii Home, then keep an open mind. If the sq/ft is smaller than you'd hoped but you are able to buy at that lower price then it may be something to consider. Waiting for a later time and the interest rates may go up, the prices may start going back up or circumstances may not allow purchasing in ‘hopes' something will pop up. We don't have crystal balls but if you are seriously ready then hop off that fence.
  • The Seller (or bank) has to be realistic in their part of the process as well. Prices are not going up! Sales numbers are down. Overpricing or being stubborn on the price may just lose a serious buyer. Your home may be the same floor plan as the another but your property is definitely not nicer....what do you do? You aggressively price your property to meet the needs of the market and get that home sold! And remember....VA loans are one of the best 100% financing loans out there!
Times have changed in the housing market nationwide. The VA Loan is now the most popular 100% financing loan for incoming military personnel to Hawaii and by far the most secure for lenders. Remember though, you still have to have money for closing costs (escrow & title fees, lender fees, prorated property taxes and so forth) but you may be able to have those covered by a seller credit if they are open to negotiating and getting off the fence too!

Let's all work together as a team to make each VA Loan Transaction go through smoothly for the Military Member and Veteran Relocating to Hawaii!

More Information for the Armed Forces Member or Veteran:
*Across the Ocean to Paradise: Military Relocations Hawaii* Don't be shocked when you arrive...get the scoop on the environment, jobs, house hunting, BAH current rates and more!
A Honolulu Hawaii Relocation: Getting Ready With Your "To Do" List Be proactive in getting ready for the big move. A great simple list with to do's to get started!
The Art of Hawaii Relocations Expect smaller, different and of course paradise.
VA Loans & Hawaii Military Relocations: This Realtors® Process Know the process for your VA benefits and the VA loan process.
Honolulu-Hawaii Pet Quarantine: Prepare For Your Hawaii Move! Hawaii is Rabies Free so our laws are strict with incoming pets.
Oahu and Surrounding Neighborhood Search: Relocations Hawaii A look into how I set you up to receive automatic listings with your own personal webpage to fine tune your criteria for your home purchase
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VA Loans & Hawaii Military Relocations: This Realtors® Process

Active Duty or Veterans of the Armed Forces have VA Home Loan benefits for their home purchase that have proven beneficial for when it comes to little or no money down loan program. (provided their credit is satisfactory) VA guarantees the Local Lender that they will reimburse the lender a percentage should the veteran default on their loan. The following brochure What VA Does For the Home Buying Veteran should be very useful guidelines and loads of information.

*Across the Ocean to Paradise: Military Relocations Hawaii* has loads of information for your Military Relocation to Hawaii so you will have pertinent information on what to expect in your relocation to our island paradise.

Currently, I have one VA Loan client in contract and the other one has already been prequalified and coming to Honolulu Hawaii next month specifically to put in an offer during their 5 day house hunting trip so they can return back to the mainland and pack for their Hawaii Relocation in February. VA Loans are abundant here due to our high volume of military personnel and presence on Oahu, Hawaii.

The following steps are what this Real Estate Professional does in order to make your Relocation to Hawaii as smooth as possible concerning your real estate transaction and VA Loan Process.

Speak to a Local Hawaii Lender (if you do not have one I can refer you to a few who are well qualified in the State of Hawaii) to submit your information and get prequalified.
  • While talking to the Loan Officer make sure and let him/her know what you are comfortable with for monthly mortgage payments. After getting prequalified your Realtor® will now know in what price range to search for properties for you.

  • Let your agent know what other criteria you are looking for as far as # bedrooms/ # of baths, sq. ft. interior/land, parking, single family or condo/townhouse. Just remember to go over the *Across the Ocean to Paradise: Military Relocations Hawaii* because this gives pertinent information on what to expect in your Hawaii Relocation.

  • Get all your financial paperwork together so you will have it with you when you arrive.(Do not pack your bank statements, W-2's, LES's and important documents you will need to submit for your loan!)

  • If you have a couple of months to spare you may order your Certificate of Eligibility from the Veterans of Affairs office. It is not necessary to do so though, because our lenders order them online once you start your loan process and if anything is held up we have a VA office centrally located on Oahu for your convenience and it takes just minutes.

  • Start your loan process before you get here so you will have everything in place when you submit an offer for a loan. The loan process is the lengthy and of course an important part of the transaction so it is better to be proactive in your process. Your closing costs can be included with your loan so you will have minimal costs to come in with and to close with.

  • Appointments are made and off we go in search of your new home! When you decide that you would like to put in an offer we will go through the whole 12 page (plus addendum's) contract and submit it to the sellers agent to present to the seller.

  • After the offer is accepted the loan process begins. You will meet with your Loan Officer to submit your complete application and submit all documentation needed for your VA Loan process packet. Then it goes to Underwriting to process the initial packet and order the appraisal with their VA approved appraisers.

  • The Condominium and/or Subdivision Association Documents should be ordered immediately after acceptance of the offer and in the buyer's hands within 10-14 days after acceptance. This agent will make copies of the Budget, last three Association minutes and the Property Information form (RR105C) and submit it to the lender. They need this for the VA Loan Guidelines and process for your loan. (these documents will show how the Association budgets their money in reserve. % of owner occupants, any pending concerns or litigation going on and so forth.

  • Provided your loan process goes smoothly you should have a Conditional Loan Commitment Letter within the first three weeks in contract. This is an approval of your loan with Conditions. Maybe you need to submit a couple of more documents or the appraisal is not in yet or the survey and termite inspection are not done yet. These are the types of conditions that will be listed on this letter.

  • Within two weeks after the Conditional Loan Commitment letter is issued all the conditions should be complete for signing documents with escrow and the loan officer. Not to worry! I attend all signings with you.

  • In Hawaii, we do not sign at the same time as the Seller due to conflict of interest and we sign approximately four days before recording. After the signing, the loan officer takes the notarized and signed documents to go through processing and within 2.5 days the Lender should have funded the money for your loan to the escrow company. When escrow receives all monies then they will take the documents to the Bureau of Conveyances in Honolulu to record. By the next business day it will record and we usually get word between 8-10am. At that time, the home is legally yours and I will have already made arrangements and have your keys in hand to open the doors to your new home.


    It's not easy moving across the Pacific Ocean let alone to a totally different "world" of people but you can do it with effort, motivation and a great Realtor®!

    Call me for a Relocation Packet and more info!

    Celeste "Sally" Cheeseman, Realtor Associate ®
    Century 21 Liberty Homes
    95-221 Kipapa Drive, Mililani, HI * (808) 375-1404

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    Hawaii Military Relocation | Part II of YOUR Military Move to Hawaii

    Hawaii Military Relocation

    Part II of YOUR Military Move to Hawaii

    In Hawaii Military Relocation YOUR Military Move to Hawaii PART I, I gave you information on the being proactive in YOUR Military Move to Hawaii and Hawaii Military Relocations. You now know that there is quite a bit of difference living on an island out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and that the environment and culture are mysterious and diverse and that the homes and land sq/ft are definitely smaller than the Continental United States (the ‘mainland' we call it) so scale down on the household goods!
    You also learned that the main Hawaii Military Bases are on the island of Oahu; which is Honolulu County and that you will have to get your pets ready with shots and checkups way before you leave lest they be put in quarantine for a lengthy stay.

    Now we have Part II of the Series on YOUR Military Move to Hawaii.

    RENTING vs. BUYING your Hawaii Home

    Everyone needs a place to live in YOUR Hawaii Relocation to an island paradise. You are still wondering if you'd like to live on base, rent off base or buy a home in Hawaii. Regardless, what you decide you want to be proactive in your search for homes, condos or townhouses or contact your base Community Housing.
    Renting a Hawaii Home: You can peruse the listings for rentals on which is a great place to get the criteria picked out for what you want to spend. Most likely you want to stay in your BAH range and you can check out Honolulu County 2009 BAH for your criteria. Don't forget to do a budget including your utilities and make sure that if you have a big dog that the complex (if condo/townhouse) allows for or has limitations on the size or kinds of pets. That is one big factor to consider when doing your search. Look for pet friendly buildings and rentals.
    Buying a Hawaii Home: You have been Searching for Hawaii Homes and contact me to get more information on how to get started with the real estate transaction process. You have read all about the First-Time Homebuyer Credit Expands and that you will get the regular tax breaks throughout the years you are paying a mortgage and that this year you will be getting an $8,000 tax credit when you file your long as you close on the property BEFORE December 1, 2009. (meaning, Nov. 30 or before!) And just think....that BAH is extra money for housing and yours to invest in your own property.
    No matter if you are planning on Renting or Buying a Hawaii Home during your tour of duty here you know that you will not be able to have us hold a rental or a property for sale until you get here. It's just known that with rentals it'll be first come, first served. In home buying it's the same.

    In any case, you will need to see the property before making a decision.

    So, Searching for Hawaii Homes for sale and searching for rentals on is the best thing to do right about now to get started. You'll get an idea on the sq/ft, the neighborhoods and the properties closest to your Hawaii Military Duty Station when you make that Hawaii Military Relocation in the near future. At least you'll be getting prepared with learning about the different neighborhoods, schools, that will be closer to your duty station and more appealing to your idea of the neighborhood you'd love to reside in.

    Honolulu County Mililtary Base Housing: The following links provide you with your Base Community Housing contacts and websites to get more info on getting on the list should you decide you just want to live in base housing.

    •Hickam AFB Community Housing and their number is 808-423-4650. Other information on Honolulu County here>> Air Force Communities.

    Fort Shafter Housing Office, (808) 275-3800. Report to the housing office within 3 working days of your arrival to have your name placed on a housing list or to be able to get authorization for off-base housing. Be warned that housing lists are sometimes six months or more of waiting. More on TLA here>> NEW ARRIVALS- Housing

    •Kaneohe Marine Corp Base- Building 455, at the corner of Lawrence and Pancoast Street. Hours of operation are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 0730-1530, Wednesday from 0730-1400.Toll free: 1-866-224-7942 or 808-257-1257. BASE HOUSING INFO

    •Army Hawaii Base Family Housing- Go here for info on>>Our communities
    Army Hawaii Community Homes available for Aliamanu & Rim/Red Hill Housing Communities, Fort Shafter Community, Tripler Community, Wheeler AAF Community and Canby, Porter, Hamilton, Sante Fe and Kalakaua Communities on Schofield Barracks.

    •Pearl Harbor and Navy Housing- The Navy Aloha Center (Family Housing Office) is located at 4825 Bougainville Drive, Bldg 2652, Honolulu, Hawaii 96818. Call 808-474-1800. You can also apply here>> for a Welcome Aboard Packet

    Regardless of where you decide to reside in Honolulu County you have to admit one thing.

    What a life to be living and working in paradise!

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    Hawaii Honolulu Military Relocation | Part I of the Series on YOUR Military Move to Hawaii

    Your Hawaii Military Relocation and Move is only PART of making that transition across the Pacific Ocean. There are many other factors to consider such as local area neighborhoods, schools, commute to your Hawaii Military Base and more. Maybe you want to know a little more on the History of the Hawaiian Islands or Hawaii Points of Interest for things to do. You may also considering Buying a Hawaii Home while you are stationed here on the islands and you need more information.

    We’ll cover all of this – and more -in YOUR Military Move to Hawaii series.

    Part I- Six Months Prior to “Moving Across the Pacific Ocean”

    Across the Pacific Ocean to Paradise. You are moving to a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific. You already know to expect a smaller land area but that means you’ll be living in smaller homes with smaller sq/ft. as well. You’ll be living on Oahu with its dense communities and neighborhoods that will appear one after another. The island of Oahu IS Honolulu County with a population of almost a million people and you can read more here>> What You Didn't Know About the Hawaiian Islands

    Expect a Totally Different Environment! Keep an open mind for an experience unlike any other you will have in your lifetime. With a wide variety of ethnicities and cultures from all over the world, you will certainly get to experience different foods as well as each culture and their way of living all in one place. From Historic Honolulu to Chinatown to the tourist scene in Waikiki you definitely won’t be bored!

    Weather and Clothing Wear! Tropical island weather means sun, rain, cooler, warmer, tropical breezes and no snow (except during extreme conditions on the top of Mauna Kea on the island of Hawaii (aka Big Island). Wait until you get here to go shopping at the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet where they have t-shirts, swim suits, swim shorts, sarongs, shorts, tank tops and everything you need to start your tropical island ‘wardrobe’.

    SCALE DOWN on your Household Goods! If you haven’t used it for at least six months and it’s doesn’t have the sentimental value you used to believe then put aside everything you need to have a garage sale or put in storage. Stuff is just stuff and you WILL NOT be able to fit all that ‘stuff’ in a smaller home. Prices of homes go according to interior or land sq/ft regardless if it’s a rental or you are going to Buy a Hawaii Home.

    Getting Your Pets Ready! Hawaii is a rabies free state and our Quarantine laws are strict. You can avoid putting your pet through a long quarantine if you start the process on immunizations and checkups NOW. You can find more information in the Animal Quarantine's Hawaii Rabies Quarantine Brochure (info about pre and post arrival requirements, quarantine station procedures, policies, rules, operations and fees) and the Checklist for Hawaii Resident Pets will give you a

    Hawaii Home Buying Means Being Proactive! Start by Searching for Hawaii Homes and take a look around the different neighborhoods and their price ranges. When you’re ready to have me set you up with your own personal webpage with specific criteria and getting you prequalified with loan officer who is seasoned with Hawaii VA Home Loan Transactions. Also, the Current Hawaii Market Report will give you an update on our current market statistics.

    The majority of Hawaii Military Bases are right on this island with Schofield Barracks (Army), Wheeler Army Air Field, Hickam Air Force Base, Pearl Harbor Navy Base, Honolulu Harbor Coast Guard and Kaneohe Marine Corp Air Station being the main bases for each branch of the military.

    Honolulu County Military Bases Military Lodging Hawaii Other Useful Links:

    Honolulu County
    Military Bases

    Military Lodging

    Other Useful

    Hickam Lodging


    Marine Corps Base Hawaii

    Hawaii Marine Newspaper


    Animal Quarantine Station Rabies
    Information Brochure


    Hawaii Military Base Guides

    Monday, March 4, 2013

    Military Transfer Relocation to Hawaii- Online Relocation Package are Relocating to Hawaii with the Military are going to be stationed at Schofield Barracks Army Installation or Wheeler Army Air Field. (adjacent right next to each other in Central Oahu) Wheeler used to be an Air Force base and was returned to the Army on November 1, 1991. History shows that the soldiers from Schofield started clearing way for an aircraft strip back in February of 1922 and named in November of 1922 honoring Major Sheldon H. Wheeler who died on July 13, 1921 when his aircraft crashed during a demonstration. Wheeler Air Field became a separate base on August 31, 1939.

    Wheeler AAF and Schofield Barracks are adjacent to each other on Kunia Road although Wheeler has other DOD Defense activities going on including: Defense Communications Agency, the Air Force's 6010th Aerospace Defense Group, the Hawaii Army National Guard's Aviation Support Facility, and the 25th Infantry Division (Light) Aviation Brigade.

    Your Military Relocation to Hawaii and Purchasing Your New Home. The following information is basic but pertinent information to go over before you even pack for your transfer and before considering purchasing your Honolulu County (Oahu) home. Moving across the Pacific Ocean to a totally different and diverse cultural ethnic may be of a shock and you may want to brush up on a few tips to make your transition a smooth one.
    The Military Presence on Oahu, Land Use and other Zoning Laws It is without a doubt that our Hawaiian Islands have little buildable land so it is detrimental to keep all of our zoning and land use laws intact. The Active Duty Military has 3.5% of a population and 10% total with Veterans as well. The majority of our land is Preservation and Conservation land and the following will give you insight
    Neighborhoods in Honolulu County and Market Report too! An insight into the different neighborhoods and what they have to offer. You will also get current market statistics in each community for which I wrote for that period.
    Honolulu County (Oahu) Weather and Traffic - It is a given that with an island so small and a population of almost one million that we do have peak traffic hours as in any other part of the country. For a look at Oahu's traffic click on the following TRAFFIC CAM to view during peak hours.
    Things to Do, History & Places to See - A three part series for a brief, condensed Points of Interest series to learn a little about our island and our so diverse and full of different cultures and ways of life.
    Condo or Townhouse Living: Rules to Follow and Steps to Protect: If you are contemplating downsizing then condo / townhouse living may be an option. With maintenance fees for most associations taking care of the bulk of your homeowner's insurance (common elements), and repairs to the outside, roof, grounds and water/trash and sewere this may just be an option.
    History of schools and links to Hawaii's Education System A brief look at the history of Hawaii and its school system as well as researching schools and neighborhoods suitable for your family and their Relocation to Hawaii.

    Bottom line is this.
    It's not easy moving across the Pacific Ocean let alone to a totally different "world" of people,
    but you can do it with a little effort, motivation and a great Realtor®!